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Our Story

Our Story

Our Story
Hello! I’m Mirza Salim, I’m the Founder of Matchday Affairs.
Until a few years ago, I had never dreamt of setting up Matchday Affairs…

Why? I was born with a brain condition call Arterious Veins Malformation (AVM) that affected my growing up years. I had to undergo 5 brain surgeries in the last 20 years to remove the AVM and the AVM also causes me to be paralysed twice in my life. But I keep telling myself to never give up and keep fighting on against all odds because at the end of the storm, there’s always a golden sky lurking. True enough, by the grace of God, miraculously I started to recover after my 5th brain surgery in mid 2014 and everything around me started to change for the better.

Being a Liverpool fan, I always dream of going to Anfield to catch Liverpool play once I got better. But, here is the problem, I’ve no idea how to get the match tickets. There are so many 3rd party websites that offers match tickets but none can really guarantee I will get the match tickets. Are they reliable sellers? Buying something from someone I don’t know was definitely a cause for concern.How am I to know that the sellers can be trusted to deliver the match tickets? Imagine not receiving the match tickets after travelling to Anfield all the way from Singapore? NOW THAT WAS A MAJOR CAUSE FOR CONCERN!

Then, in January 2016, I was at the crossroads in my life having just recovered from my brain surgery. I decided to leave my stable but good paying job as a draftsperson of 10 years and start working for my family business, Qu’ins Travel & Tours. I took a big paycut but my intention were to help my in laws.

One day I chanced upon an email at work; there was to be a convention in Singapore for travel professionals and interestingly, one of the participating partner happens to offer football match tickets in their service offerings. I connected with them and address my concerns with regards to the matter at hand. I then bought a package from them and went on the trip to Anfield with my wife! It was an AMAZING & AWESOME EXPERIENCE! Especially when the crowds sang You Never Walk Alone in one voice, it was spine tingling and instantly I felt goosebumps all over me! That was when my wife suggested to me something totally unexpected. She told me that since I’m already in the travel industry and there are a lot of fans who were facing the same problem, it would be great if I can help the other fans realised their dreams.

So in a nutshell, that was how and why Matchday Affairs was born. ​
Basically, we are a tool to help football fans who wants their dream to be finally realised and want to have an experience of a lifetime!
And over the years, we are very blessed that we can be of benefit to many football fans, helping to make their dreams come true.

Speak soon

Yours Sincerely,

Mirza Salim
Director of Matchday Affairs

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