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The inspiring story of Matchday Affairs, founded by Mirza Salim, is not just a tale of personal triumph over adversity but also a beacon of hope for football fans around the globe. After overcoming a challenging condition known as Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM), which led to paralysis and multiple brain surgeries, Mirza’s resilience and passion for football propelled him to create a company dedicated to delivering unparalleled football travel experiences.

Our Mission

Matchday Affairs is dedicated to creating unparalleled football travel experiences that bring fans closer to the heart of the game they love.

Our mission is to deliver custom, hassle-free travel packages that not only ensure fans witness their favourite teams live but also immerse them in the rich culture and excitement of football worldwide.

We strive to make every matchday experience memorable, ensuring each fan’s journey is filled with joy, comfort, and the thrill of the game, turning dreams into reality with every trip.

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Dedicated to making your football dreams come true, we provide exclusive EPL football match travel packages. Our unwavering commitment ensures every fan experiences the live thrill of their favourite team, crafting journeys as thrilling as the game. ​​

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Book with Matchday Affairs for a unique entry into our family, promising personalised planning and care. Get unmatched football travel deals in Singapore, ensuring your trip exceeds expectations, from start to finish, with every detail tailored for you.

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We aim to make every fan’s journey unforgettable, offering complete football travel experiences that blend excitement, comfort, and game joy. From securing top seats to providing match day tips, we ensure a memorable and satisfying adventure.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the top football travel agency in Singapore. We want to make sure every football fan has the trip of a lifetime, with great games and exciting travel. At Matchday Affairs, we’ll work hard to give you the best football trips, so we become the first choice for football fans.

MIrza Salim - Founder of Matchday Affairs

Mirza Salim

Founder / Liverpool Fan

Mirza’s journey to Anfield, to watch his beloved Liverpool FC, underscored the complexities and uncertainties of securing reliable football match tickets. This experience was the catalyst for Matchday Affairs, a company now synonymous with providing “EPL football match travel packages,” “Champions League travel packages for fans,” and specialised “Manchester United game travel agency” services. Matchday Affairs has become the go-to “football travel agency for Premier League” enthusiasts, offering “the best football match travel deals in Singapore” and “affordable football travel packages Europe.”

Understanding the desires of fans to experience their teams’ pivotal moments live, Matchday Affairs curates “Liverpool FC match day experiences” and “custom football travel experiences UK,” ensuring fans from across the globe can “book football travel tours online” with ease. The company prides itself on creating “luxury football travel experiences for fans,” aimed at providing the “ultimate football fan travel packages.”

With a focus on “European football travel agency services,” Matchday Affairs crafts “tailor-made football travel itineraries,” making it a leading provider of “football travel packages for international fans.” Mirza’s vision has always been to offer “exclusive football match day travel offers” that ensure fans have memorable, hassle-free experiences.

Matchday Affairs stands as a testament to Mirza’s belief in never giving up and his dedication to bringing fans closer to the games they love. It’s a company that transforms the dream of experiencing live football matches into reality, ensuring that fans around the world never walk alone.

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