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How to Experience Liverpool FC’s New Era with Anfield Expedition Specials

Are you ready to start a thrilling new era with Liverpool FC? For every die-hard Liverpool fan, experiencing a match at Anfield isn’t just about football; it’s about soaking in every moment of passion and pride that comes with watching your beloved team play. As we step into an exciting new season, Anfield Expedition is your go-to option to ensure you catch Liverpool in action! Here’s what every Liverpool supporter can look forward to this season.

Catch Liverpool FC in Action: Match Tickets and More

The Anfield Expedition packages guarantee not just match tickets but a complete Liverpool FC experience. From flights and airport transfers to accommodation and award-winning breakfasts, everything is tailored to ensure you have a hassle-free and memorable trip. Whether you’re planning to see Liverpool face Brentford, Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United, or enjoy a Champions League night, we have something special for everyone.

Guaranteed Match Tickets

Securing a ticket to watch Liverpool can be a challenge, but with Anfield Expedition, you’re guaranteed not just a seat, but an unforgettable match-day experience. Our packages for the 2024-2025 season cover key games, including domestic league matches against top rivals and crucial Champions League encounters.

Anfield Stadium Tour

Explore the legendary home of Liverpool FC with an Anfield Stadium tour. Walk through the players’ tunnel, sit in the manager’s dugout, and feel the history that permeates this iconic venue.

Anfield Museum Tour

Dive deeper into the history of Liverpool FC with a visit to the Anfield Museum. From classic kits to trophies won, the museum offers a rich history of the club’s storied past.

LFC Mural Hunting

Experience Liverpool’s culture and love for football by going on an LFC Mural Hunting tour. Discover stunning street art dedicated to Liverpool legends and pivotal moments in the club’s history scattered throughout the city.

Special Event Dates

Anfield Expedition August Specials: LFC vs Brentford, 22-30 August 2024

Anfield Expedition October Specials: LFC vs Chelsea, 17-25 October 2024

Anfield Expedition November Specials: LFC vs Manchester City, 28 November – 6 December 2024

Anfield Expedition January Specials: Clash of the Titans – LFC vs Manchester United, 2-10 January 2025, and Champions League Special – LFC vs Ipswich and UCL Group Stage Matches, 23-31 January 2025.

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Every trip with Anfield Expedition offers more than just football; it’s a pilgrimage to the heart of football culture in Liverpool. Guarantee your place in the stands to cheer on Liverpool as they embark on this new era. Sign up now and be part of the legacy.

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