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Premier League 2024-25 Fixtures: How This Shape Our Packages

by | Jun 18, 2024 | League Tickets

We’ve been eagerly counting down the days, and finally, the 2024-25 Premier League fixtures were announced on June 18, 2024. The season kicks off on August 17, 2024, and runs until May 25, 2025. And guess what? There’s no mid-season break this year, which means non-stop action except for a quiet Christmas Eve.

For us at Matchday Affairs, where we provide top-notch, affordable all-in-one football travel packages, this fixture release is a game-changer. Here’s a peek into how it’s revving up our operations and offerings.

Planning and Customizing Like Never Before

Now that we’ve got the fixtures in hand, we can plan and customize travel packages with precision. Knowing the exact dates helps us lock in the best deals for flights, hotels, and match tickets ahead of time. This way, we ensure you get the most bang for your buck and a smooth trip from start to finish.

Prepping for the Big Games

Every football fan knows that derbies and top-table clashes are where the magic happens. These fixtures see a spike in demand, and now, we can prepare for them better. By tailoring packages for these blockbuster games, we cater directly to you—helping you witness the most electrifying matches of the season without a hitch.

Continuous Football, Continuous Fun

With the league running continuously, we’ve got the flexibility to offer a variety of packages. Whether you’re up for a weekend getaway or a mid-week match, we’ve got something that fits your schedule. Plus, with no breaks, you’ve got more chances to support your team live, making any time a good time for football.

Crafting Special Holiday Packages

With Christmas Eve being the only quiet day, we can design unique holiday packages that let you soak up Premier League excitement alongside festive cheer. Imagine celebrating the season with some thrilling football—now that’s a holiday to remember!

Fuss-Free Experiences Just for You

We pride ourselves on offering fuss-free travel experiences. With the fixtures released early, we can sort out all logistics in advance. This means you can just focus on the thrill of the game, while we handle everything from your transport to where you’ll lay your head and how you’ll enjoy the match day.

Strategic Marketing to Get You Excited

Armed with the fixture list, we’re ready to roll out targeted marketing campaigns. Whether it’s through social media, email newsletters, or our website, we’re all set to engage with you and get you excited about what we have on offer. Expect to hear a lot about the special benefits of choosing Matchday Affairs for your next football trip.


The 2024-25 Premier League fixture release isn’t just a list of dates for us—it’s the starting whistle for enhancing how we serve you at Matchday Affairs. It’s all about making every match day an unforgettable experience, filled with passion, excitement, and none of the hassle. Ready to join in on the fun?

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